*** We are currently taking new Regence clients on a limited basis ***

For those who want to use their Regence insurance know that starting January 1st, 2023, we will be implementing a facility fee of $25/hr for all sessions to help cover the non-professional costs associated with your session. This fee is not billable to insurance and will be in addition to any copay/coinsurance/deductible required by your insurance and will be a separate line item on your bill. This fee is already included in the calculation of our Self-Pay/non-insurance rates.

Please make sure to have a current prescription for massage dated within 14 days before your appointment as we cannot treat or bill insurance without the diagnosis codes and guidance from your doctor. If you do not have a current prescription at the time of your appointment, we will have to change the appointment to a self-pay/non-insurance session as we cannot bill for a massage without a prescription and without diagnosis codes provided by a doctor. Prescriptions must include the following:

- ICD10 diagnosis codes for areas which need to be treated (typically within the M: Musculoskeletal system)
- Number of visits being prescribed
- Start and End date of prescription no longer than 6 months

Please also contact your specific insurance plan and make sure we are in your plan's network as some plans have different network participants and some plans do not cover massage when not connected to a doctor's office.

Thank you

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